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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Random Acts of Kindness week is Feb. 11-17. My Secret Service Group will be helping me during the RAK week, as they are the experts in the field! We have decided to start off each day with morning announcements. 

Our main Random Acts of Kindness activity will be a school-wide RAK bulletin board. My Secret Service agents suggested that we decorate the bulletin board with paper people chains, so that everyone is "holding hands" and showing kindness! Their homework this weekend was to make the chains so I can staple them on the board! 

All students at the school are invited to participate in RAK week. When students complete a RAK, they will write (or draw) on a heart cut-out about what they did. The hearts will then all be posted on a bulletin board. I am excited to see the bulletin board fill up with hearts this week! I will also be adding pictures of students helping other students.

Random Acts of Kindness week morning announcements:

Good morning! This is ____ from Ms.____’s class. This week is National Random Acts of Kindness week. We perform Random Acts of Kindness when we go beyond what is expected of us and reach out to help another person. There are three simple steps to performing a Random Act of Kindness.

  • The first step is to find out what another person needs. For example, Sally has her hands full and she needs to open the door to get to her class.
  • The second step is to think about how you would feel if you had that need. You might feel frustrated if your hands were full and you could not easily open the door by yourself.  
  • The final step to performing a Random Act of Kindness is to offer your help. Hold the door open and let Sally enter.
There are hundreds of ways to show someone that you care. This week, look for opportunities to show that you care by performing Random Acts of Kindness.
Good morning! This is ____ from Ms.____’s class. Today is the second day of National Random Acts of Kindness week. Today’s message is about Kindness and empathy.  Kindness and empathy are very closely related: kindness is simply empathy in action. When we understand how someone feels and then do something about it, we are showing kindness. Even if you sometimes do not think that anyone notices when you are being kind, remember the words of the Ancient Storyteller, Aesop. “No act of Kindness, however small, will go unnoticed”.
Good morning! This is ____ from Ms.____’s class. Today is the third day of National Random Acts of Kindness week. Today’s message is about showing appreciation to those who help you. Appreciation is when you are thankful for what someone else has done for you. Do you have a friend that you can always depend on? Has one of your teachers taken the extra time to help you learn something new? Try to find the time today to say thank you to the people who mean the most to you. Remember: a simple “thank you” can go a long way!
Good morning! This is ____ from Ms.____’s class. Today is the fourth day of National Random Acts of Kindness week. Today’s message is about making and keeping friends. One study found that children who performed Random Acts of Kindness felt more accepted by their classmates, and had more friends than the children who did not perform Random Acts of Kindness. When you are kind to others, more people want to be around you.  Being kind to others is one of the best ways to make and keep friends! How will you show kindness to kids in your class today?
 (adapted from: National Public Radio)
Good morning! This is ____ from Ms.____’s class. Today is the final day of National Random Acts of Kindness week. Today’s message is about passing kindness on.  When we do kind things for people, they feel so good about what we did that they often do kind acts for others. As kindness is passed on from one person to another, an outward ripple effect is created, like a raindrop that falls into water.  In this way, one Random Act of Kindness can be passed on and on, bringing happiness to many others. Anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” Thanks to all the students and staff for helping to make this a great week. Now let’s all work together to pass the kindness on throughout our school and into our community.
(adapted from:

Other runner-up ideas for RAK week:

  • Bulletin board in the main hallway for teachers, parents, and students to write a note to someone who has made their day, or to thank someone for what they have done. Pens would be attached to the bulletin board so people could write something when passing through.
  • Valentines Day theme: get the whole school involved by having all students write on a heart diecut any time they see someone performing a RAK. Put the hearts up on the board. My Secret Service group had the idea of creating a border for the bulletin board by making and decorating paper chain people holding hands. 
  • Morning announcements with a positive quote to start the day
  • Graffiti positive quotes on the sidewalks with sidewalk chalk  
  • Mirrorless Monday - promoting self-esteem. Be kind to yourself.
  • Pay it Forward (starting with a few people doing RAK's, watching it spread through the school. Haven't worked out the kinks yet. Please let me know if you have a similar idea!)
  • RAK board- all students have the option of participating in. For the entire week, students will try to complete every activity on their board, and turn in their completed board to their teacher at the end of the week.


  1. This is fantastic! Thanks for posting these ideas. I'm an elementary counselor and plan on using the Kindness board for a 4th grade activity.

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  3. I would love to use the Kindness Board.....can you share a link for where it can be downloaded? or perhaps I am overlooking it on this page. THANKS!!

  4. I was also wondering if there is some way to get a copy of the RAK tic tac toe board?

  5. Hi! What a fantastic idea! Would it be okay with you, if I made a Dutch version of you RAK-board? With a link to your blog ofcourse!

  6. Yes, that's perfectly fine with me! I hope it goes well for you!

  7. Love the announcements! HOpe you don't mind if I adopt some of them.

  8. Love this idea. Could I get a copy of the choice board?

  9. Can I get a copy of the choice board? Thanks!

  10. Can I get a copy of the choice board please?

    Thank you!!

  11. Can I get a copy of the RAK board please?

  12. I am an elementary counselor in Virginia and would LOVE a copy of the RAK board!!

  13. could you email me a copy of the RAK board as well??? I am a child and youth worker student and think this would be a great idea for one of my classrooms.

  14. Could you please email me a copy of the board as well. We are currently doing a kindness theme at my school and would love to make this into a poster to give students ideas of ways to be kind to one another.

  15. Hi! I was hoping to get a copy of the random acts of kindness board for a project with my first graders.

  16. Hello! I, too, would love to get a copy of the RAK board for my 4th graders. Thank you so much!


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