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  1. Amanda, as i have found your address on my blog overview and read most of your stuff i am pleased that something of what have written has interested you. i hope it has been helpful in your teaching/counseling, though i'm not sure of what value it may have to you in this regard. i am a Christian, married with grandchildren. i was baptized in 1981 having received Jesus in 1980. as i have found criticism from Christians for being to secular and by the heathen for being to Christian i can only qualify my work by saying Jesus has set me free. i often find myself asking him if i can write some of the more "romantic" poetry and He reminds me of Solomon and the books he wrote which are included in the Bible. that reassures me that my faith is not being compromised by writing love poetry. thank you for visiting my blog. leave a comment or comment directly through email if you prefer. i am curious as to what you're getting out of all of this poetry on my blog. the blog is only the tip of the iceberg of my writing. i have written over 70 chapbooks of which over 25 are self-published and distributed by me throughout Wisconsin public and university/college libraries. while i was on G+ i received nearly 300,000 views in the seven months i was a participant. today, for the first time, i have been invited to show my watercolor/photography/poetry as a nearby city Fall festival event. i'm scared to death as i've never done anything like this before, though i have much experience in sales having been an owner of a custom cabinet shop and also a honey producer for 17 years. now, retired, i have devoted my time to writing and occasionally painting and photography.
    i am blessed that you have visited my blog and hope i can continue to post items of interest and usefulness to you in your work. May the Lord bless YOU in that to which he has called you. john kopecky
    AKA Tenacious Quill.


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