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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tattle Tongue Mask Lesson

We read A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue by Julia Cook in first and second grade, and did a mini-unit based on the book. Here is the book description from Amazon:
Josh the Tattler doesn't have any friends. He tattles on his classmates, on his brother, and even on his dog! He tattles so much that he wakes up one night to find that his tongue is yellow, unusually long, and covered in bright purple spots! Will a bad case of Tattle Tongue teach him a lesson? A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue gives teachers and counselors a humorous, cleverly creative way to address the time-consuming tattling-related issues that often sap classroom energy and thwart teaching opportunities. Parents who "battle the tattle" at home, on the playground, in the grocery store, or anywhere else, can use this book to both entertain and enlighten their children about "The Tattle Rules." Every adult that desires to help children understand the differences between unnecessary tattling and the necessity of warning others about important matters needs this book!
Week 1: 
On the first day, we read the book and discussed the difference between tattling and telling. This was taught using "little problems" and "big problems". Big problems are problems where someone or something is being hurt or could get hurt. Everything else is a little problem that can usually be handled without an adult. Using slips of paper with problems on it, students had to decide if the problems were little problems or big problems.
Week 2: 
During the second week, we started with a review of the book, and reviewed what little problems and big problems were. Today, we talked about why people tattle, and what people could do besides tattling. We talked about how to handle "little problems" and discussed a few scenarios where students had to decide what they would do in that situation.
Week 3: 
On the final day discussing this book, we made these adorable masks! I first gave each student a paper plate. On the back side, they completed the sentence: "I will not tattle because..." Once they had compelted their sentence, I gave them a cut out picture similar to Josh in the story. Students colored their picture any way they wanted to. At the end of class, I let students who wanted to share tell the class their sentence and show their mask.


  1. Where did you get the "Josh" face?

  2. Its from one of the pictures in the book- I just copied it and made it into a black and white outline for the kids to color in.


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