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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Open House

My first open house as a school counselor was this past week. I was able to have a table set up at the front of the school so that I could meet everyone and explain my job as their new school counselor. On the table, I had a small basket with some brochures that I had created, along with a container of some candies and mints for people to take as they visited me (it earned me some points with some of the kids for sure!).

Here's what I included on my board. Most of this information was also included in the parent brochure:

  • Services I would be providing the school 
  • Goal of the counseling program
  • My philosophy of school counseling
  • Four domains of (Christian) School Counseling (Academic, Personal/Social, Career, Spiritual)
  • A paragraph about me
  • Referral process
  • How to contact me

Parent Brochure:

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