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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pinterest Workshop

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am hopelessly addicted to Pinterest! So when the opportunity came along to share my passion for Pinterest with other teachers in the school, I was very excited!

Pinterest can be an excellent tool for teachers if they know how to use it! If you are not on pinterest- here are a few reasons why you should be!

1. It's a great tool for collaborating with colleagues. If colleagues follow one another's boards, they can share creative lesson planning ideas. In fact, multiple teachers can pin to the same board!

2. Plan creative/unique lessons. There are lesson ideas for about anything you can think of! There are also instructional videos that can be utilized during instruction. Just search for your topic.

3. Maximize space in your classroom.  Find original ideas on how to organize your classroom.

4. De-stress after a long day! Lose yourself in page after page of inspirational ideas!

About the workshop:

All of the teachers and staff at the school were invited to attend. To introduce the concept of Pinterest, each person wrote down several ideas that they have used in their classroom based on different categories, and used a push pin to "pin" their idea to the correct board. This process helped them understand what a pin is and what a board is, and start to see the benefit of having hundreds of thousands of people sharing some of their best ideas- all in one place!

Here is a handout with some of the basics of Pinterest.

If you share my passion for Pinterest, please follow the Inspired Counselor here!! Yeah, it's kind of an addiction :)

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